7 cool things to do with your USB flash drive

What do you do with your USB flash Drive(UFD)?

Generally, you use it for storing data-documents, pictures, movies, videos etc. But you can do lot more with your UFD, you can carry programs, do encryption and even you can carry your OS with you. Here is a list of seven cool things you can do with your USB drive, and each point is followed by a link to its step-by-step explanation page:

1. Lock your PC:

Can you imagine how cool you would be if you have an USB flash drive, which you simply plugin to login to your pc and when removed your pc is locked. Ya, its cool and you can do it with a freeware named Predator. Once installed and configured, this little freeware utility allows you to turn a USB flash drive into a key, which you can use to lock and unlock your computer.

While the USB flash drive is connected to your computer, everything works as it normally would. Once you remove the USB flash drive, your computer is locked down (the keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen darkens). To unlock your computer, you just plug in the USB flash drive and the computer will be unlocked and you can start using it.

2. Use it as RAM:

If you are using an old pc with low RAM or you need to increase your RAM size, inorder to use some programme which need a heavy RAM, then you can do it by using your USB flsh drive. You can just do it by turning your USB flash drive into extra virtual RAM. The basic scheme is this that you are going to use a pendrive or USB drive as a RAM,  all the memory available in a removable pendrive/USB can be converted into RAM to increase the working speed of the computer.

3.  Run portable Apps:

You can run OpenOffice (which is a complete office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package, and database) to edit your documents, play games and also can run applications like firefox, vlc media player, skype, µTorrent, gimp and lots more just from your UFD. If you are away from your pc then you can always have your programmes with you just in your pocket. You wont have to install it on every pc you use. You can do this by installing Portable app software.

4. Boot an entire Operating System(OS):  

If you want to boot an entire OS from your USB flash drive, then you are a real geek. You can boot either Windows or Linux from a USB flash drive. The easiest one to boot is Linux due to its small size. The best and easiest 3 are Puppy Linux, Damm small linux and Webconverger. Also you can boot other linux OS like ubuntu. To boot Windows XP from USB flash drive is little difficult but not impossible.

5. Install Windows 7 or Windows 8:

If you are using an optical disc to install Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you are not in walking in 2010+. Be advanced and do it from an USB flash drive. And also you may not have an optical disk drive so its cool to do it with an USB flash drive. You can do it using an iso image file or a windows7/8 installation disk.

6.  Encrypt it:

Transporting files and documents with a USB flash drive is cool but losing your USB flash drive is not so cool. If you have your private or important files, which you want to hide from others then you should Encrypt it and prevent others from accessing you files. You can do it with the help of Truecrypt.

7. Password Protect it

If you use a USB flash drive to transport sensitive documents which you want to protect protect from others, Rohos Mini Drive can safeguard that data. This security tool allows you to create a secret partition on the drive and then password-protect/encrypt that partition. And it protects all the documents you copy to taht partition via its file manager.

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