Remove SkyDrive Pro from Your Right Click Context Menu

skydrive pro If you have installed Microsoft Office 2013 (or its preview versions) then you may see a grayed out SkyDrive Pro option in your Right Click context menu. SkyDrive Pro is used to sync files with a Microsoft SharePoint server and it’s useless if you are not using SharePoint. Removing this option will not prevent the normal use […] Continue reading →

Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot With Virtual Router

wifi If you want to share your internet connection, Virtual Router Plus ia a free tool which can help you turn your laptop into a wi-fi Hot Spot.  It only requires that your computer be connected to a wired network and have a functional wi-fi adapter. Virtual Router Plus is a free, open source software based […] Continue reading →

Restore Your Deleted Files with UndeleteMyFiles pro

recover-deleted Sometimes when we accidently delete some files or media that are very importance to us and we desperately want it back and we regret for for our action. Recovery of these files has been made easier and simpler with a freeware UndeleteMyFiles Pro. Features: File Rescue: This function allows you to recover your deleted files from […] Continue reading →

Use PhraseExpress to autocomplete in Windows

phrase express auto complete PhraseExpress AutoText is a free tool that can type phrases, sentences, and other text automatically when the program detects certain keystrokes or manually via hot keys. It has few pre defined phrases and sentences for auto completion. You can also add your own phrases into it. When you type the abbreviation, PhraseExpress automatically enters the expanded text. […] Continue reading →

Find Whats Making your Chrome Browser Slow

chrome slow Sometimes when you are working with lots of tabbed opened in a browser it starts to slowdown. Google Chrome has a feature by which you will be able to check all the process that is going on and you can end the high memory consuming process to make your browser work fast. To do this […] Continue reading →

Hidden Features in Firefox’s About: Pages

firefox You might not be knowing this but every browser has a variety of configuration settings and diagnostic information hidden inside it. In this post i will be talking about Mozila Firefox. You can download its latest version here.  You can access settings in each page by typing about: into the address bar, followed by the name of the page. […] Continue reading →